Skating Day 2

Today, our SK students in KMH and KAC skated with our SK friends from KMG down the hall! The level of confidence had skyrocketed this time around, even though it has only been one week since our last visit. Many friends willingly gave up their skate trainers and tried skating on their own. Each time they fell, they picked themselves up and continued in good spirits. We are so proud of all our SK’s who persevered as they challenged themselves to learn a new skill! We were all smiles today, check it out:


First Skating Day

KAC and KMH SK students had a blast skating this morning! We are so proud of our first time skaters for their patience and perseverance as they learned a new skill. Everyone picked themselves back up and tried again each time they fell or wobbled. Our more experienced skaters were great role models and teachers for their peers, offering to hold their hands and skate with them. And a huge thank you to all our parent volunteers for their help with tying skates, fastening helmets, and holding hands on the ice. So many smiling faces this morning!

Welcome back!

We hope everyone had a restful and happy break! We were so happy to welcome students back to school yesterday and we are so excited to jump into new learning activities to welcome the new year. We would also like to welcome our new students and new families, as our school community has grown over the past month. We look forward to getting to know each other better throughout the school year.

Upcoming events:

SK students in both classes (KAC and KMH) are invited to go skating at the Jack Charron arena this Friday, January 11th and next Thursday, January 17th. We are still searching for volunteers that would like to join us, provided they have completed their Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC).

There will be a PD day on Friday, January 25th and the school will be closed. Please check with EDP if your child attends the Extended Day Program, as the program is usually still running during PD days.

Final announcement:

Since winter is upon us, please ensure your child has extra socks and possibly even extra mittens in case their pair gets wet from outdoor play. We look forward to seeing your children grow throughout the rest of the school year!

November 5th Update

Good morning and welcome to November! With Halloween behind us, we have some exciting new things coming up in November. Below is a list of important dates and an overview of some of our new projects this month.

New French Songs:

We have added some new French songs to our repertoire! We are thinking of themes such as Remembrance Day, winter, and even Christmas.

Braves soldats:

Un bon chocolat chaud:

Douce nuit:

Christmas Baskets:

Please don’t forget to bring in items to fill our Christmas gift baskets! Our theme is “brunch” (for KAC) and “baking” (for KMH), so anything that fits with either theme will be greatly appreciated (no perishables please!). These baskets need to be filled by November 12th, since we would like them on display during parent-teacher interviews on the 15th.


Kindergarten interviews will take place on Thursday, November 15th, beginning at 4:10pm. Please make interview appointments with your child’s HOMEROOM teacher. If your child’s teacher is Mrs. Reely and is in KAC, you need to make an appointment with Mlle Emma. If your child’s teacher is Ms. Logi and is in KMH, you need to make an appointment with Mrs. Hayward. Otherwise, you will not get a chance to speak with both teachers in your child’s class.

School Photos:

The deadline to order your child’s school photos is today (Nov. 5th). If you have not yet paid and wish to place an order, please do so online before end of day today. There will be re-takes happening in the near future, so you can order re-take photos if you missed the deadline.

Thank you for reading and we hope everyone had a safe and restful weekend after the chaos and excitement of Halloween!

The Kindergarten Team

Outdoor Learning!

This afternoon, KAC and KMH had their first outdoor learning session. We started our adventure by brainstorming what we could perceive using our 5 senses. The students were very perceptive and eager to share their responses. “We might see a squirrel!” “We might feel sweaty!”

Because this was our first outing with this many students, we decided to stay close to the school. We walked to a nearby park, crossing over a bridge and through a path. Before playing on the new play structure and swing sets, we all sat in one big circle and focused for two minutes on what we could see, hear, feel (emotionally), touch (physically),  and smell.

After playing at the park for a little while, we returned to school to finish our senses inventory. We re-read our guesses and checked them off if we were correct. Then we added things that were not originally on our list.

One major thing we had to add for seeing and touching was … SNOW! That’s right! When sitting in our circle, it began snowing! The students were so excited!

Our outing today was fantastic and we cannot wait to go again next Wednesday! Check out these cute shots of our classes making sense of their outdoor environment 🙂

October Updates

Today’s Fire Drill:

This morning, we had our second school-wide fire drill to practice fire safety. We are happy to report that the entire school made it safely out of the school and onto the yard in UNDER FOUR MINUTES! We would like to congratulate all our kinders for being able to drop what they were doing (even though it was centre time) and follow procedure. Great job KAC and KMH!


New French Songs:

As a new month and season begin, we have updated our French song playlist! We still sing the same songs listed before, but please check out these newer ones!

Comment ça va?

Les couleurs:

C’est l’halloween!

La chanson des squelettes:


Picture Day & Show and Tell:

This Friday, October 12th will be picture day for all students. Photos can be ordered online once they are ready. It will also be show and tell day for KAC (Mlle Emma and Mrs. Reely’s class). For this, they will simply need to repeat sentence starters such as “voici” and “Je l’aime parce que” and fill in the rest in English.


Interview Night:

We will be holding parent-teacher interviews on Thursday, November 15th. The following day will be a PD day (no school). Each interview will last roughly 10 minutes and we can talk about your child’s progress, strengths, and concerns. We will provide you with more information closer to the date, but we wanted to put this on everyone’s radar.

Terry Fox Run

Today was our Terry Fox run for cancer research! We would like to thank all the students and parents that donated money for our fundraiser. At 2:30pm, the entire school went outside to simulate Terry Fox’s cross-Canada journey. We even got to dip our sneakers in water like he did (although many of our kinders opted to not get their shoes wet)! We are so proud of our students and their persistence today!

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